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Resources for Help


Art & Autism  
**-San Diego State University Autumn Autism & Art Soiree is an evening of wine and cheese, art, and autism science. Attendees mingle with talented artists who are on the spectrum, and converse with autism researchers and clinicians about the latest findings and projects underway at the Center for Autism. The Center lobby is transformed into a vibrant art gallery, exhibiting some of the best art curated through The Art of Autism organization.

Aware Summer Program 
**-The purpose of AWARE is to provide autistic adults a day camp experience that will allow them to socialize with their peers and enjoy various community based activities. Many individuals have participated in Camp I CAN when they were younger. This is an opportunity for similar, fun experiences for adults. The staff for this program are individuals who have prior experience working with persons with autism

Camp Able 
**-Camp Able is a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of the disabled community through an increased appreciation and awareness of ABILITIES in an incredibly fun and safe aquatic environment. Through grants and charitable capital, Camp Able provides services that help contribute to the vitality of our campers while fostering compassion and respect for all Camp Harmon

Camp Harmon 
**- Camp Harmon is accredited by the American Camp Association and serves campers ages 8 to 65. Each session is designed for a specific age group and for individuals with developmental and/or physical disabilities.

Easter Seals
**-Our camping and recreation programs provide safe and accessible spaces where people with disabilities are valued, respected, and accepted. We provide the best environment to try new things and make new friends in an inclusive and fun environment. Programs range from sports and fitness activities to after school play and social activities – all created to elevate community.

Real Options for Adults With Disabilities | Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside 
**-The ROAD’s program provides support to the participants to master practical community and social skills including self advocacy, development of values and problem solving skills. 

**-Fallbrook At REINS, children and adults with disabilities learn how to ride horses. This is an intense form of therapy that benefits a wide range of abilities. They also have the help of over 100 weekly volunteers who assist in all aspects of the program.” Rising Ground “Hiking, creative arts, a trip to a museum or a day helping others — for the people in our Day program, each day brings new opportunities to learn, socialize, and enhance their life skills. 

Rising Ground 
**-Hiking, creative arts, a trip to a museum or a day helping others — for the people in our Day Hab program, each day brings new opportunities to learn, socialize, and enhance their life skills. Day Hab participants come together in small groups to expand their horizons and participate in their community. Individual Service Plans, based on the strengths and desires of each participant, are woven into each day’s activities

Therapeutic Recreation Services | Parks & Recreation | City of San Diego Official Website 
**-The City of San Diego Park & Recreation Therapeutic Recreation Services program provides sports, recreation, leisure and outreach services to people with physical, mental and emotional disabilities. Real Options for Adults With Disabilities | Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside The ROAD’s program provides support to the participants to master practical community and social skills including self advocacy, development of values and problem solving skills. 


College to Career C2C is a three-year program for students with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorder who are currently receiving, or would like to receive, support from the California Department of Rehabilitation

COMMUNITY INCLUSION ARC Community Inclusion Program Community Inclusion Services provides opportunities for individuals to engage in volunteer activities, vocational training, paid work experiences, mobility training, and post-secondary education in integrated community settings. This program offers support to help each client reach their individualized goals while increasing their independence.


ARC Services The Arc provides services for people with disabilities at more than 20 locations throughout the county. Through our programs we are able to offer support to people with disabilities in living independent and fulfilling lives.

Beacon's Tailored Day Our Tailored Day service is a specialized support option where a tailored day specialist works 1:1 with a trainee to support the individual's needs in the workplace, post-secondary educational pursuits, advocacy, person-driven planning and general community integration. Community Interface Services Small part of the service is in social but they customize their social support system around the person

United Cerebral Palsy of San Diego UCP offers several types of day and employment programs for adults with developmental disabilities in both San Diego and North San Diego County. Programs are offered at UCP sites, or are provided in the community based on the individual's needs and interests. Participants must be a consumer of the San Diego Regional Center to be eligible Beacon's Parent Training Workshops Beacons, Inc. offers parent training workshops, potentially at no cost to the participant. SDRC Consumers and their families are entitled to payment for one (1) parent training workshop per the San Diego Regional Center's fiscal year for up to $200 (June 30 - July 1).

Facebook Groups/Meet-Ups

PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES Intricate Mind Institute Evidence-based interventions such as, Cognitive Enhancement Training “Train your Brain,” Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Robyn Coughlin, LCSW Anxiety and Depression, Stress management, Relationship and SocIAL Skills, Life transitions, Grief and loss, Chronic mental illness

Social Communication Specialists Therapy session for understanding socialization and social questions, has 1:1 sessions and group therapies sessions We know a “one size fits all” approach does not work when teaching social communication. At Social Communication Specialists we provide social thinking therapy in a small group setting. Community Engagement | Center for Autism and Developmental Disorders The SDSU Center for Autism is an interdisciplinary group of researchers and clinical scientists focusing on improving the lives of children, adolescents, and adults with autism spectrum and related disorders. The Center has an extensive research program, from basic sciences to implementation, with a strong lifespan approach.” Programs | St. Madeleine Sophie's Center | Serving Adults with Developmental Disabilities St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center provides programs to adults who have developmental disabilities, such as autism, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy. While there are no cures for developmental disabilities, people with these cognitive disorders can still achieve personal and professional fulfillment. It is our mission at SMSC to educate and empower individuals with developmental disabilities to realize their full potential. Accessible Society “What's Next? is a mentoring program bringing together young people with physical disabilities and adults with similar disabilities who are living active, full -- successful -- lives in the San Diego community.” Social Skills Groups - San Diego Center for Speech Therapy “At SDCST, we strive to help children and young adults succeed socially. We have a special interest in social pragmatics, and we value the importance of social skills linked to one’s success academically, in extra curricular activities, within his/her career, home life, and throughout a person’s lifetime. We work with children and young adults with a variety of social skills needs and levels, and we tailor our social groups to meet the needs of all of all of the participants.”. Ascent Autism “We match 5 to 7 peers into an online peer group that meets once a week on Zoom to socialize around topics of mutual interest to all of the peer group members. Peer group matches are made across the following five areas.” Autism Society San Diego | San Diego Gives Autism Society San Diego is a local, non-profit organization dedicated to creating connections and empowering people in the autism community with the resources needed to live life to the fullest. Our organization began in 1966 as the first affiliate of the Autism Society of America. Our goal is to expand our capacity and capabilities to give more children the opportunity to attend our camps and programs Caring for Adults With Autism County of San Diego, California “This Web site is a resource for individuals, families and agencies concerned with behavioral health. It provides information about behavioral health services, laws, and related news, as well as communication tools and other features. Regardless of where you begin your search for assistance with behavioral health issues, the Network of Care helps you find what you need - it helps ensure that there is "No Wrong Door" for those who need services. This Web site can greatly assist in our efforts to protect our greatest human asset - our beautiful minds.” Center for Enriched Living Social is at the heart of everything we do at the Center for Enriched Living. Social interactions create community, strengthen relationship skills and improve health & well-being. Members at CEL are part of a dynamic community where they pursue new interests, develop skills, meet new friends, and, most importantly, have fun! Easter Seals “Through our national network of affiliates, Easterseals provides essential services and on-the-ground supports to more than 1.5 million people each year — from early childhood programs for the critical first five years, to autism services, to medical rehabilitation and employment programs, to veterans’ services, and more. Our public education, policy, and advocacy initiatives positively shape perceptions and address the urgent and evolving needs of the one in four Americans living with disabilities today” ACES “The mission of ACES is to enhance the quality of life for individuals and families who have been impacted by autism and other special needs. We do this by offering autism treatments and therapies in many locations throughout the Western United States. Our highly trained staff is well-versed in autism therapies, such as ABA or Applied Behavioral Analysis, Pivotal Response Training, Discrete Trial Training, and social skills training. We are driven to ensure each child or adult who has been impacted by autism has the best chance to lead a high-quality life. Contact a local ACES location near you to get started today!”

SELF ADVOCACY About ASAN - Autistic Self Advocacy Network “The Autistic Self Advocacy Network seeks to advance the principles of the disability rights movement with regard to autism. ASAN believes that the goal of autism advocacy should be a world in which autistic people enjoy equal access, rights, and opportunities. We work to empower autistic people across the world to take control of our own lives and the future of our common community, and seek to organize the autistic community to ensure our voices are heard in the national conversation about us. Nothing About Us, Without Us!” SELF DETERMINATION Beacon's Self-Determination Our experienced independent facilitators can help you develop the vision, identify resources and manage the documentation so that you can enjoy this new journey with the team and options you want! We have been doing person-centered planning as part of our PathFinder vocational training workshops and now offer the Beacons Lighthouse person-centered planning for those seeking initial person-centered (person-directed) planning assistance to help launch a highly customized and rewarding self-determination program.


Special Needs Resource Foundation of San Diego | SOCIAL SKILLS PROGRAMS

Intricate Mind Institute Social Skills Therapy We use social skill training to develop social intelligence and enhance positive interpersonal skills including social thinking and social communication

SLP Social for Adults SLP Social was founded as a response to the gap in services for teens and adults with social challenges. We use data driven and research supported approaches to teach social skills. We believe in making social skills accessible for everyone. At SLP Social we are experts in social communication, and want to share our knowledge with you!

Social Communication Specialists Helps help socially quirky kids, teens and young adults communicate, relate and connec

Socialization Program up to 21 - Alma Family Services The goal of Alma Family Services Socialization Training Program is to provide a variety of positive, challenging, and growth experiences to best meet the needs of participants between the ages of 5 and 21 with developmental disabilities with focus on the positive social development of each individual consumer.

Social Skills Groups - Autism Treatment | Autism Behavior Services, Inc. In our Adult group we focus on independent life skills (hygiene, making simple meals, budgeting, making appointments, etc.), making and maintaining friendships, how to plan for continuing education and/or employment. San Diego - Center for Social Dynamics “EdSupports San Diego provides the highest quality of ABA, Center-based services, and Social Skills services to the greater San Diego community from Oceanside to San Ysidro in the home and community settings. We value quality and compassionate care, community, and collaboration with families to help our clients reach their fullest potential.” Social Skills & Competencies | CIP Autism & LD Transition Programs (College only) - CIP offers both individual and small group sessions to discuss topics and practice real-life social situations. Instructors work in key areas such as perspective-taking, reciprocal conversation, body language, eye contact, and social awareness.


Villa de Vida You do not need to be a resident to participate in our social club activities.

Club Beacons Join us at Club Beacons every 2nd and 4th Saturday (unless otherwise noted) to hang out and meet new friends! Before you join us, please make sure you complete the forms needed, and review our policies and procedures.

Positive Action Community Theatre Positive Action Community Theatre (PACT) is a dynamic non-profit organization that offers improvisational theater workshops that help develop social and communication skills in teens and adults with autism and other special needs. Those most served by our programs are teens and young adults with high functioning autism (HFA).

Spectrum Social Meet Up - ASA Program Spectrum Social is intended to be a space for adults with Autism/Autistic adults to build community and social connections. The time together will be spent getting to know one another and discussing topics of interest, engaging in activities, and enjoying the company SDSU Social Activities

ON HOLD DUE TO COVID - We know that it can be hard for the autism community and their families to find fun activities to network and just enjoy themselves. Our Center provides free activities like Yoga in the Park, or Game Nights for Adults with Autism, or Picnic Day. We want to foster that sense of community and get members of the autism community out of isolation.



Autism Society of San Diego The Autism Society San Diego is pleased to offer many resources to the San Diego Autism Community.